Politique de Cookie

The Website of Akdeniz Entegre Gıda Sanayi A.Ş. with the domain name https://www.akdenizentegre.com.tr, uses various cookies to improve your Website browsing experience during your visit, to provide you with certain services and to ensure both your data security and the security of the Website. This Cookies Policy aims to inform you about the cookies used and their management. This Policy is updated in the case of any changes regarding the cookies used on the Website.

We think that it would be healthy to provide with you with general information about cookies, before explaining the cookies used on our website and how to manage them.

What is a Cookie and Why is it Used?

Cookies are small text files that visited websites send to the device from which you access the website, and which are then read when you enter the same site, aiming to improve your browsing experience and personalize the website for you. Data on your site preferences, profile information, browsing information is stored in these small text files. Cookies help improving the site’s user experience without causing any harm to your device.

Types and Functions of Cookies

Cookies can be classified in four categories according to their types: Mandatory Cookies; Performance Cookies; Functionality Cookies and Targeting/Advertising Cookies. The section below provides brief information about the cookies in these four categories and evaluates whether these cookies can collect personal data.

Mandatory Cookies
These are cookies required for the operation of the Website. This type of cookies generally serve to store actions related to previous pages within the same session. These cookies do not identify you in a way that can authenticate you.

Preference Cookies
These are cookies that help the website understand your interactions with it. This type of cookies are used to store interactions such as the most visited areas on the Website, the time spent and errors encountered on the Website. These cookies do not identify you in a way that can authenticate you.

Functionality Cookies
These cookies store information such as the country from which the visitor accesses the Website and the language s/he uses. This type of cookies help storing the visitor’s usage preferences. These cookies can collect information about visitor behavior anonymously, as well as identify visitors in a way that helps authenticate them.

Targeting / Advertising Cookies
These cookies are used to provide content to visitors according to their interests. This type of cookies helps storing visitors’ preferences. These cookies can also process personal data as they can store visitors’ IP addresses.

First Party and Third Party Cookies
First party cookies belong to the web domain to which the Cookie Policy applies, and are generally mandatory, performance or functionality cookies. Therefore, deactivating such cookies may affect some basic functions of the website.

Third party cookies belong to websites other than the web domain name to which the Cookie Policy applies. The purpose of these cookies is to enable the integration of certain additional features on the website.

Cookies Used on the Website

Below you can find the first party and third party cookies used on our Website at https://www.akdenizentegre.com.tr.

First Party Cookies Used
No first party cookies are used on our website.

Third Party Cookies Used

Name of the CookieProviderType of the CookieDuration of Storage
1p_jargoogleTargeting/Advertising1 month

Management of Cookies

We would like to remind you that you can manage the cookies used on our website by accessing the settings of your browser. Below you can find links to settings of various browsers for managing cookies.